Monday, April 25, 2011

Katie's Choice

A little while back, I turned in my resignation at my beloved job to stay at home with my girls.  This isn't anything I really wanted to do.  Being at home is: no time alone, lots of messes, locking the bathroom door for a little privacy, forgetting to brush your hair all day (and maybe your teeth), and being so worn out at 9 o'clock that you fall asleep on top of the covers with the lights (and sometimes your clothes) on.

Honestly, I had decided to keep working to keep my sanity.  Then I worked more to have more money to buy the things I really "needed" and to be able to hire someone to clean the house.  All things to make me happier and, by extension, everyone else in the house happier.

But we weren't happier...

I was too tired to keep the house clean and picked up after the maid came.  The girls needed all my attention when I got home because I had been gone all day.   And they were BAD while I was gone.  My husband was at his wits end and I didn't know what do.  He and I prayed and tried to come up with a perfect solution.  The only one that felt like it was coming from God and brought me any peace was the idea of staying home.  My family needed me and I needed to make that the top priority.

A few months later my husband and I went to see David Jeremiah.  At the end of the program he called us all to live more outwardly as Christians and to live in the here and now.  God had put us all at this place in time for a purpose.  That really spoke to me.  I felt like God was telling me that I was here now at this time in this morally messed up, economically crazy, spiritually confused era to raise my girls in a different way and to hold them to a standard that has fallen out of fashion.

So here I go...I am going to live it out on this blog, hoping that there are others who are inspired to go this way as well.  I know that I will make many mistakes, but I know that God will light my way.